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Team blog GEM4ME №134


Hello everyone!

This week we released a new update of Gem4me, in which we have a lot of small yet very important improvements.

The most important innovation is links to calls in group chats. We did not introduce a new link format in order to not complicate the life of users: links to group chats were reused. That is, now from the group call interface or from the group chat profile, you can copy the link to the call and share it.

Clicking the link will direct users to the app store if they don't have the app installed, or to a group chat where they will immediately see an additional notification to join the call.

It is also worth noting the functionality of auto-playing videos in chats on the Android platform. Watching videos has become easier and more convenient. This feature will soon be launched on other client platforms as well.

We won't dwell on the following innovations, but this isn't a reason to not mention them:

  • Autotransition to a chat from which the message was forwarded
  • New rules for nicknames (you can enter _ ) and a fix for displaying user mentions with special characters
  • Click on an already open chat (in the chat list) to read all messages
  • Ability to delete broadcast end message in channels after broadcast ends
  • Decreasing the volume of the first ring for the initiator of the call
  • Media loading indicator
  • Improving media viewing in articles
  • Adding flags for languages in the channel catalog
  • Show private channels icon in news feed
  • Bug fixes

Our next release will take place, as usual, in 3 weeks, on March 9th.

Stay with us!

Always yours, Gem4me Team

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